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Planning renovations with demolition involved?

Do you have renovation projects? Want to enlarge or open rooms? Do you want to redo your outdated electricity? Did you know that asbestos was widely used in mixing plaster from 1930 until 1989? If you plan to demolish walls or ceilings you should have the plasters tested first to see if there is asbestos. Some municipalities like Westmount require samples to be taken for analysis before granting a building permit. The reason is simple: workers will potentially be exposed to asbestos fibers during the work and they should be able to protect themselves accordingly by following an established protocol to Control asbestos-laden dust and also to properly dispose of debris from work sites to an authorized landfill in a safe manner. We can take samples from the walls and ceiling to be stripped and have them analyzed in a certified laboratory to know the asbestos content before your work. This information is also useful for homeowners and occupants who want to protect themselves against unwanted asbestos exposure. Results can be quick and we'll provide you with what to do next. If you don't have asbestos, all the better! Call us for our rates and availability before starting demolition work. Also, if you have asbestos in your plasters, entrust your demolition work to a contractor specializing in decontamination so that the work goes smoothly and everyone is protected. The latter is required to have either daily tests carried out during a large construction site or a final test if the debris generated in an area exceeds 1 cubic meter. Your home improvement contractor or electrician will be happy to know they are protected and they will be working in a clean environment. LHB has collected thousands of samples and followed up on testing for thousands of Customers already. Call us to find out more at 514-543-1050


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